Tuesday, March 9, 2010


More Selling “Tommy-Ism’s”

Absolutely NO ONE on EARTH knows enough to be a pessimist!

Attitude really isn’t everything; it’s simply the ONLY THING!

Always just do what you OUGHT, then trust what MAY BE!

If we ask NO questions, we ALWAYS get the wrong answers.

The toughest doors to get in are the ones our car keys fit into.

We don’t get great at selling in a day, but rather day by day.

Procrastination is SLOTH; we’re just saying it in five syllables.

When we talk activity + practice evasion, the sum equals ZERO.

Pain in life & in sales is totally inevitable; misery is your option.

Most aren’t willing to do the hard work that makes selling easy.

It’s the thoughts behind your words that create your attitude.

The toughest answers in sales are the ones we must give ourselves.
I’d love to say thank you to everyone who’s ever told me “NO.”

Our fear is VERY close to our passion; however, our fear of loss is signifigantly greater than our hope to gain could ever be! Sell that!

Let’s STOP & THINK! Our sales are in our heads, so it’s the MINDSET by which we approach our sales which will ALWAYS determine their outcomes; either positive or negative.

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