Thursday, March 11, 2010

AHA! By: Tommy Foster

Tommy’s Tutorial: AHA! (Attitude—Humor—Action)

The following ideals are a combination of necessary elements that I’ve found to be very effective for success in daily sales. On the surface, they are very simple, and as applied in practice, even simpler. Each single element contributes to the greater whole, and is vitally linked to the other two. Applied by themselves, they’re very useful, but together they make sales a magical experience, and brighten our every moment.
The first ideal is a positive ATTITUDE. Your positive mental attitude is your driving force to any success you enjoy in every part of your life. Keep in mind this attitude IS NOT just a thought process; it’s a discipline and a commitment to live without attachment to negativity. Remember, you can’t give away what you don’t have. Each day you should wake to a rededication of being positive, simply by thinking and speaking positive thoughts. Remember EVERY action is preceded by a thought, so if you think negative, you speak and act negative, and you transmit what you have; negativity. NO ONE knows enough to be a pessimist! Our positive mental attitude is not something that comes and goes; it’s all consuming. It will make you feel good on the inside, even in spite of what may be happening on the outside. So “do what you ought, and trust what may be.”
The second ideal is HUMOR. By this, I don’t mean just being funny either. It’s how you see things, because humor is a perspective for effective living, and a successful sales career. Humor is your ability to make others laugh and feel good in your presence, and make people smile. Just to hear people tell you “I enjoy talking to you,” or “you make me laugh a lot,” or “you just made my day better,” inspires all of us. It makes others look forward to talking to you instead of ducking your call. It is medicine; sales medicine. Give away humor & kind thoughts & they’re what you get back.
The third ideal is ACTION. I like to think of action as “walking your talk.” When you wake each day to a clearly defined set of goals, you tend to act on the goals more often than not. Have a daily agenda for yourself and prioritize the agenda. Make that last call you’ve procrastinated on from time to time. Follow you own game plan for success, and do more than anyone else you know, so that you do enough to make you inspired to step higher each day. “Plan the work; then WORK THE PLAN!!” Keep in mind that when you talk prudence plus practice evasion, the sum is always ZERO. Remember always that TRUE NOBILITY is NOT being better than anyone else TODAY; it’s being better than YOU were yesterday!

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