Monday, March 8, 2010


Living with purpose and clear focus helps you to understand
the value of being meaningfully focused. And aimlessly
wandering with no clear focus can also help you to
appreciate the power of a positive purpose.

Either way, life leads you surely, steadily toward your
purpose. Whether you experience the pain of losing touch
with that purpose, or the joy of living in harmony with it,
you grow in understanding and appreciation.

No day, no experience, no encounter is really wasted.
Through the ups and downs, in the good times and in times of
despair, you feel more intensely the longing to express who
you truly are.

The beauty of this day is not in its particulars. The beauty
is that you can take it all in, whatever and however it may
be, and add it to the substance of your being.

Whatever comes along, be thankful for the opportunity to
pass through it. Whatever is, go with it and grow with it.

Your purpose cannot help but become stronger, as each moment
passes. Feel that strength, and live it more fully, more
authentically, day after day........Have a great TODAY!.....Tommy

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