Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slaying the Dragon of Negativity: By Tommy Foster

“Slaying the Dragon:” The Complete Defeat of Negativity
This is but the second tutorial in a series on negativity; what I term as simply “the evil, corroding thread” of our society’s fabric. I would like to start off by saying that one can NEVER be too positive! I’d like to quote a famous prayer by Saint Francis of Assisi; an uneducated Catholic man who led the people in the positive way against the bloodiest “religious” wars ever, but that were known as “The Crusades.” The prayer simply says this:”Lord, make ME a channel of thy peace, that where there is hatred, I will bring LOVE; that where there is wrong, I will bring THE SPIRIT of forgiveness; that where there is discord, I will bring HARMONY; that where there is error; I will bring TRUTH; that where there is doubt, I will bring FAITH; that where there is despair, I will bring HOPE; that where there are shadows, I will bring LIGHT; that where there is sadness, I will bring JOY. The point I’m making here is if one is looking at this objectively, they will see clearly that Francis always brought the opposite of any negative to the presence of the negative. So what is the opposite of negative? It’s obviously “positive,” right? He never met hatred with hatred; he met it with love, as meeting it with hatred only breeds more hatred. He wouldn’t even say that he was AGAINST the Crusades; he would ONLY SAY he was FOR peace! Has anyone ever spent five minutes on the phone or even around a negative person? I get tired just listening to them! The way to deal with negative customers or negative people in general is not to try and convince them, but to bring positive influence to the very presence of their incessant negativity. Negative people are simply much less productive, much less healthy, much less happy, and much less prosperous than are positive people. Negative people live in darkness, and not much can grow in the dark, and positive thinking is the sunlight of our spirit. Here in Monroe, I have made it a point to hire and to train all our people in the POWER that comes from the positive spirit. We were not created by the Divine Creative Intelligence to be negative, as it goes against our very nature, and eats away at the “fruit of our spirit.” We are always looking to improve our franchise system by bringing on the most positive people with the MOST positive message to carry forward. Saint Francis would be happy to know this I believe. Let’s continue to keep growing in our positive spirits, and flourish!

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