Monday, October 19, 2009

When cost go out of control...

Printer supplies and maintenance are probably the most difficult to manage expenses in your business.

When cost begin to go out of control the intial response to this issue becomes reactionary. Simply looking for the lowest priced supplies online can leave a business working with substandard product that could cause downtime or even damage to a machine. Companies can respond by trying to centralize the printing environment but employees often work to get around this. IT departments get drafted into printer maintenance and upgrade budgets and repairs are put off or frozen to save funds.


Let us do an audint or your printing needs so you will know how much you are paying per page in your current environment. We can offer a combination of OEM and Recycled products to meet your unique printing needs.

Using our Customer Convenience program, buy our Discount Imaging brand products and we will provide free labor to maintain your printing assets. With our Print Assurance Program, we can maximize your print assets to take advantage of newer and more efficient technology and give you known cost per page where you only pay for what you use.

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